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Malana, the land of myths

I am not a trekking person. Although I love hills and mountains I prefer to visit villages and talk to people than to trek miles to reach some pick of the mountain. But when I read about Malana and search on internet I was ready to trek no matter how far and how difficult the way is. We reached the nearest place by car from where we have to track to reach the Malana village. Many people said many things about Malana but I wanted to visit the place and wanted to know what exactly Malana is.
Malana is a small village of Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh. There are many myths associated with the place. Some myth says that the villagers of this Himalayan village are the descendent of the army’s of Alexander the great. Some other says they are the son of Rishi Jamadagni. I wanted to know the truth.

I started the journey in a rainy day. My driver said that it’s just one km from where he left us and will take 30 minutes. We started it and within three minutes I realized that it’s not going to be easy. I fall down just after crossing 10 stairs. But I was determined to reach the village by any means. I stop for two minutes and then start again. We crossed one small stream and then the real journey started. It was not a regular trekking way. The road was ups and down. Its actually not a road but a 3-4 feet padestrain lane. If I fall from there nobody will even get my single bone. It’s already raining so the lane was sleepery. And icing on the cake is that the whole lane was full of bichu ghass (a kind of Himalayan herb which contains formic acid. So if just my finger touch it feels like bite of ant and it continues for the whole day.) So technically I had to safe myself from falling from the hill, breaking my bones and from bichu ghass. But we continued our journey, tired, asking every single person returning from the place how far I need to walk. Finally after one and half hours trek we reached Malana. The one km of our driver is actually 5km. As we reached there I saw everywhere written warning of not to touch people and their temple. Touching people will fine 1500 and temple will costs Rs 3500. And as we crossed many man came to us and asking why we came there. Then they asked us to buy Malana cream. I already read that Malana produces one of the world’s best marijuana which is called Malana cream. When I reject they got disappointed and left us.

Then someone saw me an open place which is like an Panchayat where some people were sitting. One of them were mukhiya of that tiny village. He told me that they have their own law and they follow that only. The village has almost 3000 villagers and they got married within their own village only. They don’t even allowed to touch them to outsiders and no outsider can even go nearby their Panchayat place. I was standing in ten feet distance when I had that conversation with them. When I asked them what they do when they go out they said that they take a bath, clean themselves well and then only enter home.

According to some other myth Malana is the oldest democracy of India as they were originally came from Greece. Another myth says that once Badshah Akbar went there and freed them. Since then they were not under any rule and follow their own law. Hence it is called the oldest democracy. One of our driver in Kullu on the same trip told us that the same tradition follows by some people in Kinnaur district of Himachal. They might be the same people lives in another place.

Whatever reason it is, whichever is true but they have their own laws which they strictly follow. But I somewhere feel making themselves isolated from the rest of the world push them backward. They even doesn’t have any high school in the village. Not welcoming the modern world makes a regressive story only. They sale marijuana which is the main source of income for the Malana people. They also go to the Himalayan mountains and picks some herbs which they sale to medicine companies and earn a lot of money. Now people visit there and went to see the waterfall upside the village. But that untouchability keeps them backward from the modern world.
My journey was quite adventures as I never trekked in such a tough road. I was tired but happy as I reached to the destination and see the place which was my to be visit list for a long time. I got some answers and didn’t get some. But it doesn’t matter. Although people says that they don’t cooperate with people but it’s not true. They talk, they laugh and they welcome to their land although they are different. They are different, but happy in their own world…

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Flying Without Wings

Author Rishabh Puri

Genre Romance

My Rating 3.5/5

Summary- They are two different people from two different worlds. He born with silver spoon in his mouth and she is a born struggler. Milli has to for everything in her life. On the other hand Karan has everything a person can desire. But both have a vacuum in their own life. As if both are in search of something. One day they both install a dating app to fulfill the emptiness in life where they found each other. The moment they start talking without knowing, without seeing each other, they felt that this is the person with whom he and she can start the journey of life. But Karan has some secret that he is carrying since his childhood and Milli has her own unavoidable responsibilities. Will he be able to reveal his dark secret to his soulmate? Will Milli accept Karan after knowing about him?

They are two different people from two different worlds. He born with silver spoon in his mouth and she is a born struggler. Milli has to for everything in her life. On the other hand Karan has everything a person can desire. But both have a vacuum in their own life. As if both are in search of something. One day they both install a dating app to fulfill the emptiness in life where they found each other. The moment they start talking without knowing, without seeing each other, they felt that this is the person with whom he and she can start the journey of life. But Karan has some secret that he is carrying since his childhood and Milli has her own unavoidable responsibilities. Will he be able to reveal his dark secret to his soulmate? Will Milli accept Karan after knowing about him?

My verdict

This is a soft, sweet and unique romance by a young author. Although the novel is based on the new age technology like dating app, still the journey of the book is flawless and sweet like old romantic classic. When I read the book I felt like I was travelling with the story. To some point it looks like the author has pen down his own story and that’s the success of the writer. I find the language very good. His writing is definitely different from his contemporary authors. There are some facts about which I am doubtful like outdoor movie theatre in Chandigarh. But again this is a fiction where author can imagine anything. Finally I will verdict this as a brilliant novel which you can pick for your monsoon reading.


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My father is my first teacher

Usually it is said that mother is the first teacher of a kid. But in my case it’s different. Being a first kid I was very attached with both my Maa and Dauta (Father in Assamese). But I love to learn things from my father. From alphabet to the lesson of life, I learned most of the things from my father. Every kid loves listen stories. I was also not different. My mother used to tell me the Cinderella stories, my grandmother and bua (father’s sister) told me the stories of fairytale and some good ghosts who helps human being.

But somehow I was more interested in the stories my father used to tell me. Those were the stories of Marxism, Leninism, Naxalbari movement and more. My father was a leftist. He used to share his experience, the belief, the leftist theories with me. He told me how the Naxalbari movement started to protest against the Jamindari system and oppressed systems that oppressed people for years.  This way he passed his ideology to me.

Not only this, I loved to learn everything from my father. Being a vernacular medium student English was not a subject till class iv. We start learning English from fifth class. He taught me English lessons and grammar. Although he was a simple graduate, his English is very good. I still think how he is so good in it because he didn’t get the chance to read world literature in English that much at that time. But he was very short tempered at his young age. As he is perfect, he wanted me to be perfect in English. So he sometimes didn’t realise that I was just a learner at that time. I did mistake and he had gone mad, throw my copies where I had done some terrible mistakes. But I never scared and again went to him to learn more. He liked my dedication and had discovered some different way to teach me in easy way and I got it. For me he is the source of knowledge who knows everything. So I keep on asking him every single thing that I wanted to know or I had doubt. Sometimes I asked some bizarre things too which he felt awkward to answer.  My mother is a very practical person and she taught me to be tough and ambitious in life.

But I learned the lessons of life from my father. He was also a writer although he quit writing long back. But I must say he is the one who inspired me to write. Today I feel proud that he gave me an ideology in my childhood which I am carrying for life. Yes I proudly say that my father is my first teacher.

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Something I Never Told You

Author  Shravya Bhinder

Genre- Romance

My Rating 4/5 stars




Raunak is a below average Delhi guy who falls for the most beautiful girl he has ever seen the moment he saw her. She happened to be the paying guest of his maternal grand mom’s PG. Raunak is not only introvert but also has lack of confidence. Because of this he had very little friends apart from his cousins Rohit and Piyush and there is no female friend in that list. So it is obvious that he never had the guts to befriend with his dream girl Adira. But his smart and handsome cousin Piyush not only became a friend of Adira in a short period of time but also won her best friend Tamanna’s heart. With Tamanna and Piyush he had made many entry in different places where Adira also present but never able to progress his talk from simple hi and never able to express his feeling. Years later he again encountered with Adira in a metro station on his way to office in the first day of his job. Later he came to know that she also is an employee of the same MNC and a team member of his team too. His hope again came alive when they both sent to Australia for an office tour along with other members. But it’s not that easy for our unlucky Raunak, because as a smart and beautiful girl Adira is always surrounded by handsome hunks. But with the help of his friendly boss Raunak has able to come close to Adira. As he became close to Adira, Raunak discovered that she is struggling with some inner demons. Will Raunak be able to help her come out from that and she will except him more than a friend or he will remain as a good friend of her forever.

My review

This is the second novel of the author Shravya Bhinder. This is the story of a soft one sided love. The language and flow of the novel is average. Honestly speaking I didn’t attract initially with the storyline. But as I entered inside I like the way the story has developed. The author has described the journey of a one sided love so beautifully. After a long time I have read some romance by an Indian author where the protagonist is neither a snob nor has a killer look. He is an average middle class guy who eats chole bhature  or think like a regular guy and that is the beauty of the novel. There are some small errors which we can ignore. In short this is a must pick for weekend for romance lovers.


Writer’s interview

Author   Sachin Jha

This guy was just reached 19 when his first book published. although this Engineer writer has the passion for romance writing but he has pick some serious issues of the society in his writing. In this conversation the young author Sachin Jha is talking about his writing, his career and about his new book ‘I killed her’….

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor

When did you decide to become a writer?

I was quite appreciated for my essays and writings when I was in school and a kid of around 14 but I never realized that I could be a writer but later in college when my writing got into limelight through blogs and editorials then I realized that there is actually a writer deep inside me.

Tell us something about your background. Tell us about your native place and how it encourages in your writing?

Just like most of the people I also come from a middle class family and coming to my native place I won’t like confess anything although you must have read about my native place in my novel ‘I Killed Her’ and honestly speaking my native place encouraged me to write but that was in a negative sense.

How old were you when your first book published?

I was actually 19 when my first book ‘Let Love Speak’ was published. It was my debut book into the writing world and it was appreciated by readers so that inspired me to pen down another novel ‘I killed her’ and then ‘Departed’ and still there is a long journey to go.

How difficult for a new writer to get published since so many writers came out in last one decade?

It is more difficult than finding a government job actually. Being a fresh writer no traditional/vanity publisher would be willing to invest on you. Coming to self-published books, you need to make lot of investment in terms of publishing, marketing, promotion and everything that can help your book to reach its readers.


What is your favorite genre?

Till now my favorite genre was Romance because of my relationship but from now onward my favorite genre would be somewhere similar a betrayal. But I would love to write some books in Horror and Mythology in future for sure.

Who is your favorite author?

This is the most difficult question asked to an author. I would quote Ravinder Singh to be my favorite writer because I have met him many times and he is a person with a golden heart. And fortunately I am soon going to start my career as a system engineer in Infosys from where Ravinder Singh started his career.

How long do you research before start writing a book?

Well writing a book takes lot of time, patience, creativity and of course research. It took me almost 2-3 months just to think and understand the character that I am going to describe in the book. It is one of the tedious tasks while writing a novel so it is to be handled with a lot of care.

You are an engineer by profession. How many hours do you give daily on writing?

Being an engineer you already have lot of assignment, sessional, Practical and semester exams so you cannot have a fix schedule for writing and it requires new ideas at every instance so whenever any idea or plot came into my mind I suddenly went into another world to pen down my masterpiece.

Does your family support on your writing?

If I would have asked them to pursue writing as a career then I am sure they would have never supported me because in present scenario writing cannot be a source of your bread and butter. I was writing just as my passion and interest and never intend to earn any kind of profit through my book so they have no issues and feel glad to see people reading my novel.

What your book I killed her is all about?

I killed her is the story of every couple or married who had been on the verge of being separated but they were brave enough to love again. It is a novel criticizing dowry which is predominant in Bihar so my character is raised in Delhi but has his native place in Bihar. His greed for dowry ultimately turns to be the reason of the female protagonist Riya’s Death and he confess himself to be the murderer of her death and so the title is ‘I killed her’.

What is your next project?

Right now I am almost ready with my next novel ‘Departed’ which is a real life story and most tragic incident throughout the country and is a story based on rape victim and her journey, the way her family and society think. I have already signed agreement for that novel and it will reach the readers in 2018

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

I would say that being a writer do a lot of research, reach every possible publisher you can either online or through literature festivals or maybe by visiting them personally. Also, don’t lose heart even if the sale of your book is not that good because gradually and slowly you will set your foot in writing world. At last I would say Read, Recite and if needed rewrite.


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Trade Game

Author Amiya Chandra

Genre- Non fiction (Foreign trade and foreign policies)

Published by Pentagon Press

My Rating 5/5 stars

Image result for trade game book by amiya chandra


The relation of India and the Central Asian countries are not new. The Aryans migrated through the Central Asia to India in second millennium BC. The Aryan migration had changed the total scenario of Indian subcontinent. Horses arrived to India with Aryans and it changed the political, social, cultural or economic perspective of South Asia including India. Not only Aryan migration, the silk route has always played the most important role in connecting South Asia and Cental Asia. Apart from Aryans the Sakas, Kushanas, Mughals and other Muslim rulers came to India through the great silk route and changed the historical, economic or cultural scenario of Indian subcontinent. Evidence says that the silk route has always been the main route for trade and business of India with Central Asia, Africa and later Europe. Buddhism reached to rest of the world from India by Central Asia through silk route. The colonial British had always an eye on Central Asia. But the Central Asia became a part of Tsarist Russian Empire since the late 18th century. But both the major Imperial power of the world made strategies to own Central Asia which is known as the “Great Game”. The great game was the rivalry between two Imperial power Britain and Russia to control the resource of Central Asia. Ever since the collapse of USSR in 1991 Britain too has been trying to establish its power on Central Asia again. Now another power of the world China has an eye on central Asia and so the Russia which is called the new great game by some experts. Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are called the Central Asian republic (CAR) those got independence from USSR. Although all the powers has trying their hard to grab the region India seems not interested to join the race although there is immense future of trade and business with it. India’ trade share is only 1% even after 24 years of independence of the region. Even though there are geographical disadvantages of Central Asia there are great potential of trade and business of India.

The author is a bureaucrat of the department of foreign trade, government of India. He has written this book from his years of experience of travelling the region for his official tours. He explains beautifully the history and the current perspectives of India’s trade and business with Central Asia. He writes in different chapters about the different perspective like energy, space research, nuclear power, tourism, medicine, food processing etc with these countries. The author feels that in order to become a global leader India has to maintain a good relation with Central Asia. He explains how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken some giant step to better the relation. Trade Game is the revised expansion of his previous book, “India Central Asia Relations: The Economic Dimension.” This is a well researched book on foreign trade and policies. It can be use as a reference book for academics.

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Love Will Find A Way

Author Anurag Garg

Genre- Romance

Published by Penguin Random House India

My Rating 4.5/5 stars

Image result for love will find a way by anurag garg


Madhav, the university topper is in a dilemma  what to choose as a career, his writing or corporate job. His poetry is his life but corporate will give him money. He is a brilliant student with a caring rich family and a glamorous girlfriend. But even after owns everything a person desire, something haunts him all the time that doesn’t let him be happy or live a normal life. Even after trying hard his girlfriend couldn’t find his reason of his mood swings and weird behaviour. His parents took him to all the best psychiatrists of the country over the years but everyone failed to find the root cause of his problem. Then one day his girlfriend Meera took him to an art therapy session from where his life has taken a u-turn. Will he cure? Will he be able to overcome the dark secret that he is carrying with him over the years!

My view

Love Will Find A Way is the third novel of author Anurag Garg. This is a romance novel. I haven’t read his other novels yet but I can feel that his writing is a bit different. What makes him different from other engineer and MBA writers is the subject he has picked. First time I have seen someone from these ‘new Indian literature’ authors to pick a psychological issue as the background in a romance. This is a flawless romantic novel where author projects his character beautifully. The abstract way to describe about love makes the book more beautiful. One should definitely pick this as it’s holiday reading for this long weekend or can gift his or her love one on this festive season.